Chairman Sunny Trust, Dr. Munawar Fayyaz Sunny is presenting Sunny Trust’s Profile to President of Pakistan.


• To provide Physical Treatment and Psycho-social & Spiritual rehabilitation to drug   addicts
• To establish vocational rehabilitation centers for drug addicts
• To create awareness among marginalized groups
• To mobilize & empower youth groups to take up vital leadership roles in drug   abuse prevention.
• Development of awareness and resource material for general public
• To establish network and coordination with local and International organizations   for exchange of experience, ideas, information and expertise
• Educate children, parents, and other youth mentors, to help Nation’s young people   reject illegal drugs and underage alcohol and tobacco use
• Work with the media, community structures, sports organizations, businesses and   faith groups, to encourage  young people to reject substance abuse


Sunny Trust was founded in 1995 under Trust Act 1882 and is registered under Voluntary Social Welfare Registration and Control Ordinance 1961. Sunny Trust (ST) is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian non-governmental organization devoted to drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation. ST is presently running a 50-bed facility for drug addicts.


Sunny Trust International (STI) organized awareness-raising seminar at Bhara Kahu, Islamabad for HIV/AIDS and IDUs in relation to World AIDS Day. The awareness activity focus was to raise the awareness level to promote the control of the transmission of HIV/AIDS, Drugs and IDUs.

Government cannot fight this battle alone. Government can provide health and welfare services, development programmes and information. Organizations on the ground have to provide the type of leadership and direction that will lead to real change in people’s attitudes and behavior.