Training session for Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP)

As part of continuing support to individuals, communities and organizations in war against drugs, ST imparted one-day training/awareness on drug prevention and treatment/rehabilitation to 6 interns and 3 staff members of the Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP), a Christian Pakistani NGO working on poverty and vulnerable people. The six interns (4 boys & 2 girls) doing internship with I-LAP during the summer break were students of the prestigious Froebel’s International School, Rawalpindi.


They were interested to learn about drug use, its causes, warning signs, its effects on families, etc. Our awareness session included smoking which often leads to drugs among young people.

* A comprehensive presentation was given to them on myths about drug addiction, nature of the disease and its causes, reason of drug addiction, and treatment protocols for drug addicts adopted at Sunny Trust. The students extensively interacted with ST staff and patients. They observed meetings with patients, medical round, etc.

* Orientation session also covered misconception about drugs, warning signs, how to deal with patients, stages of rehabilitation & treatment protocols, how to say NO to drugs.

* They asked different questions from the patients, who briefed them in detail on their health and stages of treatment, and how they would manage their life after treatment and discharge.


* Recreational activities were also held. I-LAP interns had brought refreshments for the patients. I-LAP interns and staff watched ST’s documentary.

* The interns’ feedback was very useful and encouraging. They were interested in ST holding similar day-long sessions for them and other local students in future as well.