Participation by Sunny Trust in the 4th WFAD, Stockholm, Sweden

World Forum Against Drugs is a meeting place for people from all continents who are working to prevent drug abuse at grass-root, on a voluntary basis, professionally or as policy makers. The global forum is the only one of its kind where NGOs, self-help groups, treatment centres, scholars, local, regional and national authorities, politicians and other decision-makers, the business community, and others from around the world will meet to share ideas and experiences about the work against illicit drugs, based on a balanced and restrictive policy. All Forums were arranged under the high patronage of H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden.

Over the years, the World Forum Against Drugs has gained in popularity and the 4th Forum took place in Stockholm, Sweden on May 19-20, 2014. The 4th Forum was held at the same time as the European Cities Against Drugs Mayors’ conference, resulting in an even bigger event with more participants and distinguished speakers. The coalition was a great manifestation for the UN conventions and against legalization of drugs. The three main themes at the Forum were:

• Cannabis and issues related to legalization of drugs, and potential consequences.
• Drug treatment and the criminal justice system working together.
• Issues concerning Gender-related differences and similarities.

Dr. Munawar Fayyaz Sunny & Ms. Asia Ashraf from Sunny Trust actively participated in the forum. Ms. Asia had a presentation in special session entitled “The Long Road to Drug Free Pakistan”.

Dr. Sunny is elected as Deputy Board Member for World Federation Against Drugs & Ms. Asia is elected as a member Nominee Committee for WFAD.