Sunny Trust was founded in 1995 under Trust Act 1882 and is registered under Voluntary Social Welfare Registration and Control Ordinance 1961. Sunny Trust (ST) is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian non-governmental organization devoted to drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation. ST is presently running a 50-bed facility for drug addicts.

It also involved drug prevention projects, programs, campaigns etc, both singly and in collaboration with other national/ international organizations, in creating awareness among general public and high-risk groups, particularly the youth, against ill-effects of drugs. ST has so far treated over 10,000 drug addicts, covering all social segments and successive generations of drug addicts from all over Pakistan and AJK. Besides, Sunny Trust has treated both overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals from different countries including Britain, Russia, Central Asian states, and Switzerland. They are usually brought to this center as a last hope.
Sunny Methodology have successful results in the treatment & rehabilitation of patients suffering from Psychological/Psychiatric Illness e.g. Schizophenia, Mood disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Cannabis induced Psychosis along with Drug Addicts.
Sunny Trust accepts each and every drug addict, irrespective of his condition and circumstances (including financial), subject to availability of space. Their diverse problems are attended to with utmost professional care and compassion.
Sunny Trust is the oldest and largest drug-free, self-help programme in Pakistan. Sunny Trust acts on behalf of those who seek help from problems compounded by substance abuse. Sunny methodology is based on therapeutic community (TC), a highly structured family environment where positive peer interaction is emphasized.


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