Sunny Trust International (STI) organized awareness-raising seminar at Bhara Kahu, Islamabad for HIV/AIDS and IDUs in relation to World AIDS Day. The awareness activity focus was to raise the awareness level to promote the control of the transmission of HIV/AIDS, Drugs and IDUs.

Government cannot fight this battle alone. Government can provide health and welfare services, development programmes and information. Organizations on the ground have to provide the type of leadership and direction that will lead to real change in people’s attitudes and behavior.

Poverty & lack of knowledge is the main reason of transmission of HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis because infected syringes carry the virus from one patient to other; so this disease is spreading very quickly in Pakistan. Awareness is the only way of protection from HIV. Use a new disposable syringe or needle every time an injection is needed. Using sterile needles and syringes, and not sharing other equipment. Completely avoid the sharing of syringes and needles.

Needle exchange programmes have been shown to reduce the number of new HIV infections without encouraging drug use. These programmes distribute clean needles and safely dispose of used ones, and also offer related services such as referrals to drug treatment centers and HIV counseling and testing. Needle exchanges are a necessary part of HIV prevention in any community that contains injecting drug users. Dr. Munawar Fiaz Sunny suggested that to be successful, a comprehensive HIV prevention programme needs strong political leadership. This means politicians and leaders in all sectors must speak out openly about AIDS and not shy away from difficult issues like sex, sexuality and drug use.


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