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While treating drug addicts up to the limits of their capacity/resources and best of ability in Islamabad suburbs, Sunny Trust  has been fully aware that drug abuse and drug trafficking are not just local but global problems cutting across national, cultural and social boundaries. It is a challenge for the entire humanity which calls for concerted efforts at various levels, cooperation and coordination, and mutual learning and support, rather than working in isolation with minimal impact. Pursuant to this realization, Sunny Trust has pro-actively developed and sustained mutually beneficial national and international linkages with drug abuse treatment & prevention community.  The resulting synergy, learning and sharing, has enabled Sunny Trust to not only improve its own quality of treatment but contribute immensely to strengthening of other institutions and groups dealing with drug abuse and related mental health problems.

In this regard, Sunny Trust participation and contribution, to the community around, nationally and internationally during 2011-2013, is briefly summarized category-wise below. It includes in-house training/orientation to five batches totaling 163 nursing students and trainees and some mental health staff of Shifa College of Nursing, day-long field visits by many batches of post-graduate students from different colleges and universities, Sunny Trust participation in leading national and international conferences, trainings, forums, etc, Sunny Trust as Colombo Plan Trainer, TOT and Resource Person for addiction professionals and curricula review, adoption and dissemination of innovative and internationally accepted best practices (e.g. TC, RPT, community based approaches), targeted (esp. students, youth) awareness raising lectures, campaigns, etc. The outreach and impact of these activities in drug abuse treatment/prevention extends not only across Pakistan but many other countries and regions.

Imparting of professional education and training by Sunny Trust to visiting medical staff and graduate & post-grad students of leading public and private institutions in management of drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation

Shifa College of Nursing: Conducted day-long orientation session with visiting batch of 30 nursing students and trainee nurses from the Shifa College of Nursing, Islamabad on a formal study trip to Sunny Trust facility in February 1st 2011 as part of their graduate course requirement. A comprehensive presentation was given to them on myths about drug addiction, nature of the disease, psycho-socio-cultural and biological factors involved in drug addiction, and treatment protocols for drug addicts adopted at Sunny Trust. They were conducted around different departments of Sunny Trust. They interacted with Sunny Trust staff and under treatment drug addicts, observed all day activities including morning meeting with patients, medical round, etc, participated in conducting therapeutic exercises, and took case histories for their coursework.

Recognizing the educative significance and instructional value of this day-long study trip to Sunny Trust, orientation session, observation & participation, and interaction with Sunny Trust inmates and staff, Shifa College of Nursing formally requested Sunny Trust to hold similar day-long sessions for them in future as well.

Accordingly, Sunny Trust received another batch of 29 Shifa College of Nursing trainee nurses and nursing students, accompanied by some mental health professionals, on a day-long study trip February 14, 2012. This was followed by third batch of 30 nursing trainees and students on study trip to Sunny Trust on December 6, 2012. Carrying forward this mutually rewarding arrangement into 2013, a fourth batch of 29 nursing trainees and students and some mental health staff spent full day at Sunny Trust with patients and staff on July 1, 2013.

A fifth batch of this time 45 Shifa School of Nursing trainee nurses and students and mental health staff undertook study trip to Sunny Trust on November 12, 2013. Unlike day-long trips in the past, the Shifa College of Nursing trainees/students/staff spent full two-days at Sunny Trust, getting briefed on the nature and complexity of drug abuse problem and its treatment at Sunny Trust, observation, participation, interaction with patients and staff, noting case histories, etc.

Other Institutions: Regular study trips to Sunny Trust were not limited to Shifa School of Nursing (part of Shifa International Hospital & Medical College complex). Master’s students from different institutions in Rawalpindi/Islamabad including Federal Govt College for Women F-7/2, Islamabad College for Girls F-6/2, Fatima Jinnah University, Preston University, etc also kept visiting Sunny Trust, got briefed, and interacted with patients and staff, as part of their fieldwork and course requirement. It is a matter of immense satisfaction for Sunny Trust that along with treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts, they are contributing in professional education, training and capacity-building of leading institutions in the field of drug abuse and its cure.

Sharing of professional knowledge & expertise with visiting DG P & M Unit, Narcotics Control Division

Director General Planning & Monitoring Unit, Narcotics Control Division Mr. Muhammad Shahid visited ST on 7 Sep 2013, and discussed in detail the treatment and rehabilitation protocols adopted by Sunny Trust. He appreciated and encouraged and Sunny Trust team for rendering valuable services and offered useful suggestions on maintaining research oriented data.

Imparting of professional training in drug abuse prevention to ILAP internees

Sunny Trust organized training session for 16 ILAP (Interfaith League Against Poverty) internees. In this training Sunny Trust, internees were taught about warning signs of drug addiction, addiction as a disease and effects on families and society. They were also trained to motivate important segments of society to serve as a supportive network.

Imparting of training to addiction professional from Islamabad and Punjab by Sunny Trust Expert as Colombo Plan Trainer

Ms. Asia Ashraf, Sunny Trust’s Director Rehabilitation & Head Of Psychology Department, who is also a Colombo Plan Trainer, was nominated as a Trainer for the 6th Echo Training of addiction professionals in Pakistan held on 2-9 Dec 2013 at Marriot Hotel, Islamabad. Representatives of different organizations from Punjab and Islamabad were invited to participate. It was a matter of great pride and privilege for Ms. Asia and Sunny Trust to undertake this training. The occasion enabled ST to revise the course and improve in-depth cultural adaptation of the curricula.

Awareness Raising on Drug Abuse among Students, Youth and Public-at-large; Lectures, Walks, Campaigns, Leaflets, Messages, Print & Electronic Media Interviews, Documentaries, Social networking, etc

Sunny Trust delivered awareness lectures, particularly on smoking and pre-addictive behaviors, to 150 students of Iqra Schools, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad, in 2011.

Sunny Trust participated in first anniversary of American Grammar School and inaugural of the Asian Girls College in Bhara Kahu, Islamabad on 31March 2012. Sunny Trust encouraged students and youth to focus on education and healthy activities and stay away from drugs. Sunny Trust stressed particularly on upbringing by parents, giving quality time to children, and parental nurturance to build strong and healthy future generations.

Sunny Trust participated in Disability Awareness Public Forum, organized by Prime Life Organization for the Disabled in collaboration of VRDP and Private Schools Network, at Naveed Hall, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad, on June 5, 2012.

Sunny Trust participated in Walk (from China Square to Parliament) on World Teachers Day, organized by Ghazali Education Trust in collaboration with UNESCO, on Oct 5, 2012.

Sunny Trust in collaboration with Social Welfare Council organized a seminar on International Day Against Drug Abuse, on 26 June 2013, attended by local students, representatives of different organizations and general community. Ms. Asia Ashraf, Director Rehabilitation ST delivered a lecture on “Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Approaches in Pakistan”. Sunny Trust also presented a documentary on drug addiction and gave awareness on drug abuse.

A number of national and local newspapers have carried special reports, interviews and articles on Sunny Trust services and activities in drug abuse treatment and prevention. Besides, interviews with Sunny Trust senior staff have appeared on numerous TV channels. The Sunny Trust message put across through print and electronic media must have reached a large population in the country and beyond.

Participation in National Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Talks, Professional Events; Contribution, Presentations, Sharing of Experiences and Professional Interaction on Drug Abuse Treatment/ Prevention:

  • Dr. Munawar Fayyaz Sunny participated in Conference on the Role of NGOs in Treatment, Rehabilitation and Creating Awareness organized by the Ministry of Narcotics Control, on 3rd Jan 2011. He made valuable suggestions on updating of Treatment and Rehabilitation Protocols as well as the strengthening of Prevention Networks.
  • Participated in Ministry of Narcotics Control website launching on 11 August 2011 to update NGOs’ information. Mrs. Rozina Sunny, Vice Chairperson Sunny Trust, Mr. Farooq Ahmed, IT Manager and Ms. Saima Sagheer, Psychologist participated in the ceremony, and gave their feedback on important and particular data to be entered.
  • Participated in launching of UNODC World Drug Report on 24th June 2011 and shared information regarding current traits and trends in substance use.
  • Participated in Sustainability Report Award 2011, organized by ACCA Pakistan in Aug, 2011.
  • Participated in Annual Conference on International Day of Rural Women, 15-16 October, 2011 at Lok Virsa, Islamabad.
  • Participated in Shifa College of Medicine & Shifa College of Nursing Convocation at Bahria University, Auditorium, Islamabad on 22nd December, 2012.
  • Sunny Trust was invited to address the Orientation Session on PEACE organized by Interfaith League Against Poverty (ILAP), F-8/4, Islamabad, on Feb 2, 2012. Ms. Asia Ashraf, Head Psychology Department & Director Rehab, delivered a comprehensive lecture on drug abuse, particularly myths about drug addiction, drug prevention, and how to say no to drugs.
  • Participation in web launching event: Ministry of Narcotics Control in collaboration with UNODC had developed a website/web application for developing database of organizations involved in awareness against drug abuse including Sunny Trust on May 16, 2012, at Hill View Hotel, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.
  • Participation in launching of World Drug Report 2012 organized by UNODC, at National Library Auditorium, Islamabad, on 25 June, 2012. Sunny Trust gave valuable feedback regarding their experience and observation in the field stressing there must be some pre-screening data to further improve planning of prevention activities.
  • Participated in National Consultation Conference of 1000+ stakeholders on Pakistan Vision 2025 and 11th five-year plan 2013-2018 organized by the Ministry of Planning, Development & Reforms, Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan on 22nd Nov 2013 at Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad. Dr. Munawar Fayyaz Sunny was invited as a stakeholder under the group “Narcotics” to give his input or feedback regarding the issue of drug addiction, drug demand reduction in Pakistan and how better strategies could be developed in the future to curb the menace and prevent the youth from ill effects of drugs.

Sunny Trust participation training on Remote Counseling & Extending Psycho-Social Support organized by in Ministry of Narcotics Control , 5 to 7 March 2012:

Ministry of Narcotics Control organized training of staff on Remote Counseling & Extending Psycho-Social Support on 5 to 7 March 2012 in Islamabad. Vice Chairperson Sunny Trust, Mrs. Rozina Sunny & Director Rehabilitation Ms. Asia Ashraf participated in the training. They learnt about the involvement of whole community in Harm Reduction, particularly some major representatives like teachers, LHVs, youth group and women, and how they could particularly perform initial screening & basic counseling and hence serving as Outreach Workers. They need to serve as support groups to those who have been treated & rehabilitated by having better understanding of the disease.

Sunny Trust participation in Expert Group meeting for Global Curricula under Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Group:

Sunny Trust team participated in Expert Group meeting for adaptation & translation of CPACCE Global Curricula organized by Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Program, Sri Lanka at ANF Academy in Islamabad, Sep 24-26, 2012. Dr. Munawar Fayyaz Sunny, Ms. Asia Almas Ashraf and Ms. Saima Sagheer attended inaugural ceremony.

Sunny Trust selected TOT for Pakistan by Colombo Plan Asia Centre:

Ms. Asia Ashraf, Head Psychology Department & Director Rehab Sunny Trust was selected in training of trainers (TOT) for Islamic Republic of Pakistan from 12 to 21 November 2012, Islamabad, organized by the Colombo Plan Asian Centre for Certification & Education of Addiction Professionals (ACCE) in collaboration with Ministry of Narcotics Control of Pakistan. Two curriculums namely Physiology & Pharmacology for addiction professionals & treatment for substance use disorders – The continuum of care for addiction professionals were taught. She trained her junior staff (Psychologists) on both curriculums. This training helped her to groom her professionals’ skills as well as to enhance our services by incorporating multi-dimensional management in organized manner. Miss Asia also trained Psychology department on the same curriculums.

Sunny Trust as Resource Person for CPACCE global curricula:

Ms. Asia Ashraf of Sunny Trust participated as Resource Person for the adaptation & translation of the CPACCE Global curricula. Curriculums one & two were namely Physiology & Pharmacology for addiction professionals and Treatment for substance use disorders in the continuum of call for addiction professionals were translated.

Sunny Trust participation in joint Institute of Psychology & WHO training workshop:

Institute of Psychiatry & WHO jointly organized a 3-days training workshop for healthcare provider on substance use Treatment & Rehabilitation from 11-13 Feb 2013 at the Institute of Psychiatry, RGH. The objective of the training was to train professionals on specifically designed volumes A, B, C on Assessment & Treatment planning involving Psycho-social aspects & medication. That was discussed in detail with psychologist, psychiatrist, and doctors of Sunny Trust. But the use of OST was not supported as it has more negative consequences. Same training was given to another group in which psychologist from Sunny Trust Miss Samia Ashraf participated.

Sunny Trust participation in Colombo Plan Asia training for drug professionals in Pakistan:

Mrs. Rozina Sunny was nominated to participate in Echo training of addiction professionals in Islamic Republic of Pakistan by Colombo Plan Asian Centre for certification and education of Addiction professionals (ACCE)   from   25th Feb to 6th March, 2013.Training added to her professional experience as well as contributed toup-gradation of services at Sunny Trust. She emphasized more on motivational approaches; enhance Sunny Trust services and planning, and continuum of care for clients to monitor their long term recovery.

Participation in International Conferences, Workshops, Training & Internship Programs in Drug Abuse Treatment System; In-house Sharing of Knowledge, Staff Training and Capacity-Building:

Sunny Trust participation in Daytop Therapeutic Community (TC) Internship Program at DAYTOP village in New York, USA, 25 April to 17 June, 2011:

The Daytop model is the prototype for rehabilitation programs in over 60 countries around the world. Since its inception in 1963, Daytop has helped countless number of adults and adolescents free themselves of their dependence on drugs while developing productive & healthy lives.

The objectives of the Daytop Internship training program on the therapeutic community (TC):

1)    To introduce & develop competency in the therapeutic community.

2)    To provide technical assistance to GOs and NGOs as it relates to the implementation & use of the TC social learning treatment model.

3)    To create a global network of resources for addiction treatment specialists.

  • Dr. Munawar Fayyaz Sunny was nominated to participate in Daytop’s internship training program from 25th May to June 9th 2011. During this training he learned in detail about Therapeutic Community (TC). Participants are given the opportunity through lectures, exercises and interactions to encounter a different approach to working with addicted individuals. The training program described a historical perspective on treatment options and theoretical underpinnings of therapeutic community.
  • After completing this training, Dr. Sunny shared his experiences with all staff members in in-house orientation session. He trained Sunny Trust staff to particularly use some new concepts and to refine those already in use, e.g. concept of Big Brother, issues to be dealt in Morning Meeting, Relapse Prevention Training (RPT), stages of Change, etc. The concepts already in use were further refined.
  • Similarly involvement of “Role Models” both from staff and residents, Role of residents as Leaders, and Motivational Interviewing, were inculcated in a more planned way. Residents through feedback &using Social Learning Models were involved in recovery.
  • Sunny Trust also signed an MOU with Daytop village; in order to train staff, remain updated with current trends in TC and also to encourage use of TC in Rx protocol in Pakistan.

Sunny Trust participation in World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD) 3rd World Forum in Stockholm, Sweden from 21 to 23 May 2013: 

  • World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD) drugs organized a 3rd World Forum Against Drugs at Stockholm, Sweden on 21-23 May 2013. Sunny Trust being member of WFAD was also invited to participate in this Forum. Dr. Munawar Fayyaz Sunny, Chairman Sunny Trust and Ms. Asia Ashraf, Director Rehab & Head Psychology Department participated in this event.
  • This Forum was a meeting place for people from all continents who are working to prevent abuse of illicit drugs at grass-root level, on a voluntary basis, professionally or as policy makers. It was the Forum where NGOs, self-help groups, treatment centers, scholars, local, regional and national authorities, politicians & other decision makers, the business community, from other forums around the world were gathered to share ideas & experiences about the work against illicit drugs, based on a restrictive and balanced policy.
  • Sunny Trust also shared their experiences as practitioner & prevention specialists along with current trends in drug addiction, its treatment, trafficking regarding Asian region and particularly with reference to Pakistan.

Sunny Trust Chairman’s participation in World Conference of Therapeutic Communities in Indonesia, Nov 6-10, 2012 as a speaker:

  • The theme of the conference was: “Individual Growth and Recovery through the TC“ in which around 406 delegates, 45 speakers, and 50 countries participated. Dr. Munawar Fayyaz Sunny was invited as speaker both in “New Voices” as well as workgroup 1.
  • The focus of the conference was Therapeutic Community method which builds characters who are physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Dr. Sunny with his expertise in TC treatment, imparted valuable knowledge & insight pertaining to theme. In particular, he highlighted the results obtained by using TC, and. challenges faced by Sunny Trust in Pakistan, while practicing TC.
  • Chairman Sunny Trust, with his expertise in the field of TC treatment, was able to impart numerous valuable pieces of knowledge and insight pertaining to the assigned theme.

Sunny Trust Chairman’s participation in AFTC conference and training on “Specialized Community-based Recovery Support Program” in Colombo, Sri Lanka, 6-9 Nov 2013:

Being AFTC board member, Dr. Munawar Fayyaz Sunny was invited to attend AFTC conference along with training on “Specialized Community-based Recovery Support Program” from 6 to 9 November 2013, held at Hilton hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The objective of the training was to enhance knowledge and skills of the addiction professionals on community based recovery which is highly imperative in the eventual reintegration of substance users in the mainstream society. On his return back home he shared his experience with the staff and discussed the ways by which community could be utilized as positive recovery capital.

Honors received from overseas Pakistani community leaders in UK, 2013:

Dr. Sunny visited UK in 2013 on invitation of M. Ikram Ch., Ethnic Minority Coordinator, Peterborough, Libdems, UK to receive shield of appreciation. Lord Nazir Ahmed also presented shield to Dr. Sunny for his outstanding contribution to the community of Pakistan.