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A women's shelter, is a place of protection and support for women escaping domestic violence and intimate partner violence of all forms. The term is also frequently used to describe a location for the same purpose that is open to women at risk. Homeless and alone women outlast by being unnoticeable. They keep themselves awake through the night, hesitatingly they try to sleep on various abandoned buildings to find shelter each night without being noticed. They bathe in public restrooms and such inhumane places. But they cannot hide themselves forever, especially from predators. It is difficult for them to find any stuff to eat. Seeing this devastating conditions of the homeless girls, Sunny Trust initiated a project i.e, Sakoongah. Sakoongah provides sanctums and consolation to women who are victims of society and domestic injustices and strengthens them to take the path of individual independence, where they can get all the equal and basic rights of a woman as all other women nationals. Sakoongah is open to all kind of women, whether bachelor or married, irrespective of caste and creed and are let to feel themselves at home.

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